A typical Sunday!

Sunday morning begins to get busy about 9:30 at First Baptist. Hebrews Coffee is open, serving coffee, lattes, mochas, Italian ice drinks and all such goodness. Our nursery staff arrives at 9:50 AM. Adult Sunday School begins at 10AM in the Fellowship Hall and is led by Jack Cooper. The topic is always the same as the sermon topic.

The relaxed and conversational atmosphere allows people to ask questions and get answers from each other. Sunday School provides the vital background for the sermon that Pastor Jeff will preach during Worship Time. Sunday School is over by 10:45 giving time to get a fresh coffee and make your way to the sanctuary. People there will be dressed casually and will be friendly and inviting. Worship begins at 11AM and is contemporary in practice. You will be lead in music by our band and singers. The songs will be comfortable for you if you have been in church for 10 minutes or 100 years. Praise and worship is timeless.

After worship times kiddos from grade school through high school are released to education classes. All of our groups from 0-100 years old are all on the same topic. This facilitates grandparents, parents, kiddos and friends discussing topics during the week. Pastor Jeff usually speaks 30-40 minutes we will be done very close to 12 Noon each Sunday. Communion is served the first Sunday of the month. We practice "open communion." If you are a follower of Jesus come to the table and eat.