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The History of Sunnyside First Baptist Church

Sunnyside First Baptist (SFBC) has very deep and long roots in our community. Our church was first organized in the home Reverend Lyons on April 20, 1901. 17 people were in attendance and all agreed that the organization would be called First Baptist Church of Sunnyside.

At that time the city of Sunnyside, Washington was called the "Holy City." If you look at maps of the era you may find a cross with a halo around it in this area. As part of the original city charter from 1893 you will find a prohibition of alcohol being sold, gambling or "other vices" conducted on any business property. If any of these occurred the property reverted to the town site company. This was only changed in 1938 after Prohibition was eliminated.

In the years 1901 to 1907 First Baptist was part of the Federated Church of Sunnyside. Six Denominations joined for the purpose of bringing the Gospel to the Sunnyside area. In 1907, the Baptist Church withdrew and purchased the lots where the church and parsonage now sit for $500. The original church was built for $2000. In the late 1950's it was evident that the 1907 building was inadequate. A building program involving many committees and members. The new and current building was dedicated in October 1961.

Many face lifts, updates and modernization has occurred over the years. Our interior has been freshly decorated and updated in July 2020. This occurred with countless hours of faithful service from many volunteers. Our latest completed modernization includes a whole new sound system, worship, administration and pastoral computer system. We have added live services on our website (www.sunnysidefbc.org) and on Facebook at (SunnysideFirstBaptistChurch). Currently our services are at 10 AM to 11AM. We are located at 401 S 8th St., Sunnyside, WA. Our telephone number is 509-387-3084 and our email address is SunnysideFBC@gmail.com. Sunday school and nursery are available for all ages.

Sunnyside First Baptist Church was a faithful member of the American Baptist Churches (ABC) denomination. In the early 1990's the church voted to separate from this national denomination. We continue to be loosely affiliated with ABC-USA but we affirm our connection with Missions Northwest, an association of 132 like minded churches across the Northwest United States with headquarters in Post Falls, Idaho.

I welcome any questions about our church, its practices, theology and denominational connection. I will do my best to answer those questions completely and honestly.

Rev. Jeff Pagel, Pastor


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