Reminders as You Come and Go with God

Scripture- Deuteronomy 6:9 Inscribe them (God’s commands) on the door frames of your houses and gates.
Observations- In Deuteronomy 6 Moses was re-stating the law of God to a new generation of Israel–the generation that was about to enter the land promised to them through Abraham. Moses reminded them that living God’s way was the pathway to blessing in this new land. Moses gave them the Shema–the summary of the law calling for complete love for God as individuals and as a community. They were to be devoted to God in mind, soul, and strength. Then Moses gave them practical ways to be reminded on a daily basis to focus their lives in devotion to God. One of those practical ways was to inscribe this summary on the door frames of their houses and gates so every time they opened and closed them as they went about their daily lives–as they went out to work, to trade, to socialize–they were to do so in complete devotion to God. And as they came home as husbands and wives, as parents and children; their entire beings were to be devoted to God.
Application- I have placed reminders in my life of my devotion to God and to living His way. There are pictures with sayings like “Follow the Son,” “love is all you need,” “the best things in life aren’t things,” and “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord;” placed by the doors I go in and out of every day–the doors to my home and my office. They are there to remind me to go about my roles as a husband, father, and servant-leader from a place of devotion to God. I have pictures in my office of lighthouses and of the chapel in Yosemite Valley to remind me of the mission of I have given my life to in obedience to God’s calling. My computer has screen savers of lightning strikes to remind me of God’s presence in the current storm I am facing. One of my daughters gave me two little boxes to put a copy of the Shema in and then mount by the door frame of my home and my office. I will mount them this week to remind me as I come and go that God is the focus of my devotion. These visual reminders are there so I will never forget who really matters–so I will never forget that my love for God is the foundation of my life. These visual reminders prompt me to come and go loving God with all that I am.
Prayer- Abba, you alone deserve my devotion. Devotion to family, to friends, and to my life’s mission all flow from my devotion to you. As I come and go this day, help me to be keenly in tune to hear your voice and sense your presence.