Notice, Feel, Speak

Scripture- Luke 7:13 When the Lord saw her, he had compassion for her and said to her, “Do not weep.” 
Observations- Jesus and his disciples happened upon a funeral procession heading out of the village. A widow was burying her only son. A large crowd was there to comfort her. What Jesus noticed was the tears of a mother. The mother’s tears moved Jesus to compassion. His concern was not for the one who had died, but the one left behind who had just suffered another loss. He told her not to weep and then he brought her son back to life.
Application- I wonder if Jesus was thinking of the loss his own mother would soon experience when he would be crucified? Mary was a widow. She had other children, yet Jesus would ask John to care for her. It seems like there was some disfunction there–probably because Jesus’ brothers weren’t believing yet. Whatever his thought process, Jesus observed someone who was really hurting and he felt compassion–her loss touched his heart. At the risk of being intrusive, he spoke words of comfort to this hurting woman. He noticed. He felt. He spoke. I may not be able to raise someone from the dead, but I can notice, I can feel, and I can speak words of comfort.
Prayer- Abba, help me notice when people are hurting. Help me enter into their pain. Please give me words of comfort and the courage to reach out. Thank you for the people in my life who notice, feel, and speak.